Our Exclusive In-Rooms Auction

Exclusive local In-Room Auctions on the last Wednesday of each month

Through the combined strength of our 4 local offices we are able to host our own in-rooms auctions in our exclusive auction venue – Club Grandviews at Peakhurst.

Our exclusive in-rooms auction opportunity offers our vendors the flexibility and peace-of-mind should it be considered advantageous, to schedule an in-room auction.

Not every property lends itself to an on-site auction. For a range of reasons, it may be appropriate to host an auction in-rooms.

  • A property may be located on a main road, near a railway line or in a position where it may be wise to create separation.
  • A property may have a restrictive size (a unit or small house).
  • An investor-owner may have less-than-cooperative tenants or neighbours and prefer to host their auction free from any impediments.

Your experienced local area specialist can advise on the merit of an on-location or in-room auction. A premium result is our goal.

Importantly, only Sanders Noonan, through our scale and resources, offer this tactical “auction advantage” option at no additional cost.


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