Our Auction Excellence

Our team consistently deliver best-in-market auction clearance rates and premium sales results across the St George real estate market. How do we achieve this success?

These achievements are as a result of meticulous planning, a carefully engineered and specifically tailored-to-the-day property marketing campaign and skilful “auction day” execution by a team of experienced professionals hand-chosen from our 4 local offices.

Our Group Auctioneer works in partnership with our local area specialists from the moment the property is on the market.

Working in harmony with our vendors (having met them prior to auction day at the property) and the agent to ensure that they fully leverage the campaign strategy, the group auctioneer ensures that every buyer motivation and bidding indication in perfectly understood. These are the important foundations in adding maximum value as they draw upon their skill and experience to ensure that every dollar is achieved on behalf of our vendors.

A premium result is our shared goal for each and every auction.

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